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About Us

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, freely is your trusted partner, shifting the payment paradigm in favor of food vendors and their customers.


More than a fintech startup or payment solutions provider, freely is made up of industry veterans, deeply rooted in the worlds of payments, food distribution, and financial innovation.

With a wealth of experience and a shared passion for revolutionizing the payment acceptance landscape, the freely team’s understanding of compliance, security, and financial intricacies guides the creation of secure, reliable payment solutions.

Meet the Team

Having spent decades crafting payment solutions tailored to the needs of restaurants and food distributors, freely’s leaders understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing the food and beverage industry.


Founder & CEO

Ahmed Nawash

Having spent a decade in the Payments industry, Ahmed’s experience ranges from Corporate Development and Strategy to helping manage the Fintech Partnerships Strategy for KeyBank. Ahmed was also a part of leading the commercialization of healthcare AP solution Snapsheet Transactions. Most recently, Ahmed ran the Payments & Embedded Banking Strategy for MarginEdge, a restaurant management software backed by Nigel Morris of (QED), Ten Coves, Fiserv, and GFS.


Founder & COO

Brandon O’Connor

Another veteran of the Payments industry, Brandon too spent time in Corporate Development and Strategy at KeyBank before taking over Business Banking Strategy. Brandon also helped guide the launch of KeyBank’s small business credit card program, restructured the go-to-market strategy for its National Business Banking initiative, and led the acquisition of Laurel Road. Most recently, Brandon was the Head of Product and Strategy for Payall, a cross-border payment company backed by Andreessen Horowitz.  

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